Grace Mwai
Image: Instagram

Award winning Kikuyu artiste Grace Mwai has asked Kenyans not to be quick to body shame anyone as they don't know what he/she is going through.

Speaking about her personal experience Mwai says many questioned her for adding weight yet she was sick and was under medication.

Sharing her experience during a segment on her Youtube channel, The 'Kirathimo' hitmaker narrated, "In 2015 is when I started weight fluctuations, I would add weight then drop weight. I had a medical issue that needed me to be put on medication for a very long time until the doctor was convinced I was okay."

She added, "I did not think the medical condition would be that serious. I was admitted to the hospital for 16 days in 2015. Unfortunately after being treated for those 16 days, the condition returned in 2016 and so I had to go back to medications.

The medication affected my hormones and that is when my weight gain started. After the condition came back, I became patient and accepted my condition.

In 2016 I was given medication for a month then 2 then 3 months. The doctor had prepared me for the changes that might occur among them weight gain."

Grace Mwai
Image: Instagram

Mwai decided to shut off the negativity around her was what helped her heal and resume her original weight.

"I was on medication for close to two years. My normal weight was ranged between 53-55, but by the end of 2017, I had reached 80 Kgs.

After the weight gain, I started developing problems I never had before, my legs started swelling, I would get fatigued and I started being cyberbullied.

I went to the US but when I came back the cyberbullying continued.

I however decided to let the external forces affect me as they did not know what I was going through.

I chose to focus on my healing and that helped me very much."

Have you ever been cyber bullied and how did you handle it?

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