Juliani has come out to defend Dj Evolve from any criticism he might be getting after the entertainer decided to settle with Babu Owino this week.

The rapper had an interesting take on his Twitter page, one that has divided Kenyans. He wrote;

"We can't blame poverty story ya Dj Evolve....him and his family understands one thing; justice is expensive and the poor can't afford."

DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve
Image: Instagram

Some Kenyans were unhappy with his opinion using the strawman that Juliani had said that it was o.k for rich people to get away with such heinous crimes.

After a lot of pushback from Kenyans, the musician had to clarify what he meant in subsequent tweets where he wrote;

"Maybe to clarify my definitions. Poverty- broke, less/no money. Poor- kufinywa na system design you see no way out. In my opinion, Mse ako Poor ni mse anafeel nothing they do makes tofauti, like most Kenyans if you ask us about rule of law and if can serve us bila ubaguzi."

Before adding,

"Unajua poa sana, for yrs tuko systematically conditioned ku feel hii nchi ina wenyewe. Na sio sisi. So yeah. But kuna wase hata ka hawana ka kitu, wanajua hii reality but are not allowing it iwa push over."

He finally had to enlist the help of some Kenyans in finetuning his message. Check out the tweet below;

It is now emerging that Babu will not only pay for Evolve's hospital bills but will also be buying for him a home in their settlement suit.

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