'I had hit rock bottom' Kush Tracey on life before getting saved

•"I hard hit the rock bottom, people who would see me on TV and on social media but behind that I was battling different emotions."- Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey
Kush Tracey
Image: courtesy

Kenyan artist cum TV host Kush Tracey has opened up on how hard life as a Christian is.

The artist says getting saved is the biggest sacrifice she had made.

Asked why she got saved, Kush shared,

"I hard hit the rock bottom, people would see me on TV and on social media but behind that I was battling different emotions.

I felt there was more to life and to my existence apart from releasing music and being known. If I died today what would people say about me?

I needed to find more and to live in purpose and I could only find that in Christ. Being a Christian is so hard, you have to be intentional with everyone.

You can't act the way you want, Being a Christian is the biggest sacrifice I have hard to make in my life."

On whether she felt welcomed by other Christians in the entertainment industry, Kush shared,

"For me, salvation was never about people accepting me, people do things because they have different agendas.

There are people who are here for business, some are true to God. I believe in pursuing what God has called me to do.

God has been connecting me to things,When something is from God you do not have to fight for it."

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