Diana Marua and Willy Paul
Diana Marua and Willy Paul

Diana Marua set the interwebs on fire when he revealed that she is a rape survivor.

In a viral video, Diana narrated how Willy Paul attempted to rape her three years ago.

"I have been crying since I opened up in the video; this was simply the worst day of my life and a horror moment to any woman who has come across rape or almost got raped.

I'm still in disbelief that a man can forcefully attempt to rape you but because they've noticed you went silent they still clout chase with your name lying to the public that they have slept with you just for clout."

Adding, "I was silent watching and collecting the needed evidence for the 3 cases I have filed with the Police in court... All these women you have raped and tried to rape are already in my DMs and With the influence, God has given me I will make sure they all get justice.

She continued, "A lot of women have been quiet because he threatens them to know big people in Government wacha sasa tuone. Now it's time we stand for our women. I can't stop crying 😭😭😭 💔💔💔 LET'S MEET IN COURT & STOP A RAPIST!!!"

Willy Paul denied any wrongdoing on his part and put out a statement saying he will fight to clear his name in court.

Read the press statement below.

Here are some reactions from netizens.

aminaabdirabar: Oh no...I’m so sorry Dee😢😢 the fact that people would think this is kiki is so sad. My heart goes out to you. No one should ever experience that. 😔

phoinahaircollection: Healing is your potion my love 😞😞 

immaculate_njiru: My thoughts👇 I think Diana Bahati moved on after the incidents for peace to reign but willy Paul decided to keep insulting her till she could no hold it anymore. Being a victim of rape is not a joke coz I am one and I have never even told my own parents. It is not easy to come out and talk coz the trauma is real. I understand dee very well. May God shine a light for you to find justice😢#justicefordianabahati.

cateodera: All those people who are here to condemn a woman who has been publicly sharing her life and has now decided to open up about a painful incident, please just shut up and keep scrolling.

You don’t know what she’s been through and her speaking up against an alleged perpetrator is going to help those of us who care about our little sisters and daughters.

Don’t be afraid @diana_marua we shall stand with you, because no one is safe until all women are safe. Godspeed and I wish you and the other women healing in your ordeal.

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