Diana Marua
Diana Marua

Diana Marua has come out to accuse Willy Paul of sexual assault.

This comes at a time when Willy Paul released a diss track claiming that he had seics with Diana. He later pulled down the song.

A distraught Diana in a video posted on her YouTube channel said, "It is about time I come out and speak my truth. I'm still in shock and disbelief that someone would go to any extent to clout chase using my name you drag me into your nonsense to get people to watch you and listen to your music.

You are going to the extent of saying that you slept with me? Why are you lying to the public? You know what you did. Why are you lying?

Your album is not doing well. Your music career is sinking. Then out of the blues you come and drag my name?

I have been quiet for a while now but I'm going to release it today.

A few years ago, Willy Paul pursued me for quite a while, I used to live at Greatwall Apartments, Syokimau.

I was at the movie shop, Willy paul came in he was all touchy, he tells me, 'Let's go to your place we talk' i told him, I cannot allow you to come to my place because I don't know you. He was arrogant. Then he said we can talk in the car. I agreed to avoid the drama. I got in the car. He locked the car and drove off.

It has taken me so long to even share this story with my own husband.

It took me 3 years before I opened up to Bahati about what I went through. I have been pushed to talk about this.

So many women have come out to talk about this but their voices have not been heard. I will stand for my truth. I have a voice.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

He put on loud music. I was like what are you doing where are we going. He was speeding. I opted to be cool.

We got to some apartments after gateway mall and he tell me we go to his place I refused and told him to return me home. He got angry and got on top of me."

Diana broke down and cried.

She later continued explained, "I can feel the shivers on my body now remembering this. He started pulling my skirt up and tore my skirt and top. I kept telling him to get off me I started screaming and he choked me to stop me from screaming. Eventually, in the process of screaming he panicked and let me go I took that chance and ran away."

Shaking and afraid, Diana ran from the car with the torn clothes, she met a bodaboda guy who took her back home.

Numerous calls to Willy Paul for comment on the damning allegations went unanswered. When he eventually picked, he said he will be at Kiss FM studios tomorrow to address all issues.

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