• Willis Raburu said he took a step back to focus on the entertainment show.

Willis Raburu
Image: Instagram

Willis Raburu has clarified why he no longer anchors news on Citizen TV. 

In a Q&A on his Instagram, a fan asked why Willis decided to quit presenting news yet he was so good at it. 

The 10/10 presenter said he took a step back to focus on the entertainment show, which is his niche.

He responded, 

"I can go back if I want but choose my niche and I am so happy doing entertainment because I get to be me. 

Plus we have an amazing lineup of top anchors at RMS who are doing so well. I picked my lane and stuck to it and it is paying off... allowing me much more freedom. I am so happy RMS allows and accommodates us all." 

Another fan asked Willis if he has considered joining sister station Ramogi TV, where Trevor Ombija works as a news anchor too. 

He said this could happen soon. 

The father of two also shared how he has been able to be present in his son's milestones. 

"I have always known the type of dad I want to be and the legacy I want to have for my children, however, once it happens it takes a deliberate effort to be there and to learn how to be there.

I am also grateful that I am allowed to be there and my partner is aware and very helpful even with my many questions sometimes. Also, I read and research," he said.

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