•"It was not my first time to be bullied,I was first bullied when I came into the limelight."- Ruth Matete

Ruth Matete has opened up on the impact trolling had on her after her husband's death.

Speaking during an interview on Kalekye's Health Moments, the mother of one said she has become wiser having been trolled more than once before.

"Through my husband's ordeal I went through cyberbullying but this time I was wiser.

I used to hear things from my close friends, yes I knew it was happening but I decided not to go looking for the information myself.

I did not want to read about it, I just let things be. It affected me but I dealt with it as soon as I could. My friends really shielded me.

Deleting my accounts also helped as you could not find me."

Sharing on her past ordeals Ruth said not dealing with the situation left her battling depression.

"Bullying has become such a  trend and it will only get worse. But it has always been there. It was not my first time to be bullied,I was first  bullied when I came into the limelight.

After I won Tusker Project fame, that was bad. I had not learned the ropes of how to deal with it.

I also did not deal with it immediately and that why I got into depression."

Lessons learned?

"People will always talk. People will love you and others will hate you."

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