•"I regret that and I cannot leave him hata kwa dawa. We have come from far." -Nasra

Nasra and Rashid in the past
Image: Courtesy

Churchill comedienne Nasra is back with her husband like she never left.

The couple had announced they were getting a divorce after 7 months of wedded bliss.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, she now says she was not chasing clout. She says she overreacted over something that could have been easily solved.

"It had taken me two days to post that message, nlikuwa nimeiandika and it was just on pending.

But once I posted it I realized the magnitude of whatever I  had written was very big, yet it was something that could be solved.

I overreacted and in the middle of that, I wrote that post. I regret that and I cannot leave him hata kwa dawa. We have come from far. It was a decision out of anger. Next time I will  handle thing."

Asked on what the biggest challenge is working with her husband, Nasra said, "The biggest challenge is us being on bad terms and we have to work together.

He has to try and soothe me, I cannot be able to work when angry. At such times we end up wasting the time of the cameraman and the other people involved."

Nasra added that it's time Kenyans normalized associating artists with clout chasing as the two go hand in hand with each other


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