Alex Mwakideu was interviewed this past week by Churchill Ndambuki where he disclosed some interesting facets about his life.

One of them was how he had had to adapt last year after Mediamax slashed his salary by a huge 50%  due to the Covid pandemic.

At that moment, he had to make a decision. Should he adjust his living standards or look for another source of income?

"This business came about during the pandemic. Our employers slashed our salaries when the pandemic hit. We were deducted 50%. I asked myself two questions after the slash, I either had to go back to my wife we need to change our lifestyle because we do not have 50 per cent income or I find ways to raise the money elsewhere," he stated.

He added that his motivation for starting a business was so he wouldn't have to change the way his kids had been living, "I decided not to change my children's lives. I had already lived that life," the radio presenter said.

After that he decided to start a carwash, that soon became successful, leading to him adding the restaurant;

"I started scouting around and I found a car wash slot in an estate. I asked them to give me the car wash because I like cars and will wash them. They asked me if I had another company and wanted a portfolio. The business was booming and I had hit the 50 percent income that had been slashed from my salary. I  decided to scout for another location here in Kitengela and I was just driving as I looked around. So I got this space. It was a vast land."

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