• "Let’s say I was baptised with fire and nope I never wanted to be famous but I’m here now and loving every bit of my life."- Amber Ray

Amber Ray and Jimal
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has revealed that she never planned to be famous adding that it just happened.

Ray is famous for her love life which has time and time again caused controversy. She says she was introduced into the system the hard way and since then she has had to grow a thick skin.

Sharing her story through her socials, the mother of one penned;

"8 years ago ungeniambia hii fame itanilisha one day tungepigana mbaya. But God had a plan for me for sure.

Kwanza when I remember how I got famous.

Let’s say I was baptised with fire and nope I never wanted to be famous but I’m here now and loving every bit of my life. I’m proud of myself for never giving up for never looking down on me.

And for God never leaving my side even when I became bitter with him and stopped believing in him cos of the pain I was going through at that time but he never left.

Imagine trying all you can to live your life close to God then boom, your darkest moment in life arrives  then instead of believing in God to see you through you start questioning him."

Ray added;

"I remember I was even telling him that he says he will never put you through what you cant handle but for me, I felt like he trusted me too much.

I was literally dying from inside and had no one to lean on.

The people who I used to spend time with -friends that time turned against me and hit me where it hurts most when they say family comes first trust them, coz that’s what I was left with."

Ray says at some point she doubted herself and her worth but that is something in the past as she is living her best life.

"I remember there are times I felt my life was worthless and even thought of the worst but as a breadwinner.

I thought again about all those people who depend and look up to me and to some I was their only hope and that made me push harder till I couldn’t anymore.

I had to let God and let life flow then I joined the ‘it is what it is’ nation-best decision ever never stress about what you can't control but all in all I never lacked.

Yani I’ve seen and experienced God in ways I can't even explain sometimes I’m even scared of telling my story coz watu ndio wataniita mchawi kweli kweli but it’s all God."

Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

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