• This happened after campus when he was searching for an internship.

Citizen TV journalist, Waihiga Mwaura has disclosed that he was once asked to give a Ksh 200 bribe to get a job.

The talented news anchor shared his experience at Machakos University saying this happened after campus when he was searching for an internship.

"When we got there we were about 200 of us. We had already been given the job but there was only one condition. It was a must for your health to be okay. We were asked to do a blood test, a medical test involving stool and a urine test," he narrated.

Waihiga said that as they debated how to get the tests done, someone came and told them that if they gave out sh 200, he would make them all bypass those tests, and everyone else gave out the money except him.

"Within two minutes some doctor told us if we give him the money, he will give us all clearance so that we start work on Monday. In the same group, someone volunteered to collect the money and when he got to me, I refused. Something told me that if I start giving out bribes now, I will never flourish," he said adding that he had sh 400 in his pocket.

He then went to town, walked into a hotel, took breakfast, and collected the samples.

When he got back to the hospital, everyone else he was with had already been given the job, and he walked into the doctor's office to give back the samples.

"I have never forgotten this, 15 years ago. I told him, 'doctor, these are my medical samples'. And he laughed. Later on, I found out that he had said the person who refused to give out the money will get the job. But the moment I stepped in there, he was so surprised that out of 200 believers, one was able to stand for God."

A week later, Waihiga said a job he had interviewed for while trying to get into the media industry opened up.

He advised the students to be truthful in all they do.

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