• Diana Marua says she is aware that she can not sing well but can kill it in a rap. 

Diana Marua
Diana Marua
Image: courtesy

The newest rapper in town, Diana Marua aka Diana B, has opened up on why she chose to do rap and not sing. 

In a video interview, Bahati's wife said that she was aware that she could not sing well.

“The reason why I decided to do rap is that I personally know I can not sing. Truth be told, I only sing in the bathroom...that is the best I can do," Diana Marua said. 

She added that she is only confident about killing it in a rap;

“Rap is a vibe...ni kuunganisha mistari...ujue unaflow… alafu uweke vibes...mafeelings...emotions and then you come up with a banger. That is why I decided to start with rap."

Diana's first song was a remix of her husband's song 'Mtaachana tu' which was released last year. 

She says she started with the remix as a response to what she thinks about the song. 

"It was just a response to my husband’s song ‘Mtaachana tu’ I thought of starting with a response...what am thinking about ‘mtaachana tu’," Diana said. 

Her first song received mixed reactions from fans online. 

While others praised her for vibing to the beat, others opined that the mother of two should just stick to vlogging.

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