•"I can only tell her this journey is not easy, she can ask Bahati."- Willy paul

Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

Willy Paul has reacted to Diana Marua being unveiled as a rapper.

Pozze as he is fondly known by his fans has been in the industry for more than a decade

Speaking during an interview on Mungai Eve's YouTube channel, Pozze shared,

"I can only tell her this journey is not easy, she can ask Bahati. But if she prays, and works hard God will listen to her."

On Sunday, Bahati held a big reveal party at the Trade Mark hotel, where Diana was unveiled as a music artist. 

The mother of two will be identified by her stage name, Diana_B, calling herself the Queen of African Rap. 

Hours later, Diana's new song 'Hatutaachana' premiered on YouTube. In the song, Diana speaks about her relationship with Bahati. 

The beats of the song and its theme is similar to that of 'Mtaachana tuu' song that Bahati released on December 2, 2020, featuring Diana herself. 

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