Kanze Dena celebrates Lulu Hassan describes her as a God-sent friend

• She described Kanze as a God sent friend whom she has found it hard to live life without.

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena has paid tribute to her friends she met while working in the media industry.

Among them is Lulu Hassan and former Radio Citizen presenter Syombua Osiany.

In an invite-only event held in Karen a few months ago, Kanze recounted the days, with her girls they almost gave up praying as things were not working out for them.

"The number of times we spent on our knees, the number of times we sat in the car and shed tears until we said we were not praying again and that is when God came through," she emotionally said referring to her friend Syombua.

"We thank God and I also know that God will remember you in the hours of labour and for the times you went on your knees for me."

Kanze spoke highly about her former colleague Lulu Hasan.

She described Lulu as a God-sent friend whom she has found it hard to live life without.

The two have anchored news together for years and have continued to cherish and hold on to their friendship.

"I will never be able to thank God for Lulu Hassan. You never walk into a place and find a lady that you can call a friend and work together and be more than co-anchors. That you become sisters to a point you can't afford to live life without the other. Takes the hand of God."

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