Ringtone with celeb couple Rev Natasha and Prophet Carmel
Ringtone with celeb couple Rev Natasha and Prophet Carmel

Ringtone has come out to warn Prophet Carmel, the man who proposed to Reverend Lucy Natasha.

The gospel singer who had been on the prowl for a wife, is nursing heartbreak after Lucy Natasha revealed that she is now a taken woman.

Ringtone is not the only hurt man, former Nairobi Governoe Mike Sonko also had something to say about the engagement.

The engagement party took place at Boma Hotel where the who is who in gospel circles was invited.

Singer Ringtone was not among the guest at the grand engagement party but he has a lot to say about how Prophet Carmel should treat Rev Natasha, the founder of Empowerment Christian Church (ECC).

In true Ringtone fashion, the Pamela hitmaker titled his message as 'Warning letter'.

"Mr Carmel, this message is to warn you. Lucy Natasha is loved by many here in Kenya and she didn't choose you because she is desperate..." Ringtone started off his open letter.

"Many men have been heartbroken because she chose you over many rich and handsome men like me. Don't make my sister cry."

The chairman of Kenyan gospel then threw serious shade at Natasha's base saying, "Go look for money and throw a big wedding. If you are broke, borrow a loan or else we will send back your engagement ring," he said. 

Prophet Carmel and Rev Natasha are yet to respond to the less than friendly open letter.

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