Jua Cali with his wife
Jua Cali with his wife

TV host Lily Asigo and wife to iconic genge rapper has narrated how her love life has been affected by corona virus.

Lily who is married to Jua Cali has come ut to speak about her husband ailing from the viral disease.

"For the first time hubby amehama bedroom. Not because tumekosana but COVID NI NANI!" she wrote on her social media.

"Don't tell me I'm strong because I almost lost it. My 9 year old, 6year old and 3 year old got it too. For the first time they saw mummy cry."

Lily explained that the week has been super exhausting and emotionally heart-wrenching.

"It has been a crazy week, it's still crazy but we serve a living God. Please don't call me if you have my number because I won't pick. Sio kwa ubaya. I'm not in a good state of mind. Remember us in your prayers. NB: I'm fully vaccinated!"

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