Tanzanian singer Ben Pol felt that he was competing with other major African stars for Anerlisa Muigai's attention when he saw her DM.

The Keroche Breweries heiress was popular among male artistes who would often chat with her on her DM. Even when she was married to the RnB bongo star.

Ben Pol - who filed for divorce from Anerlisa - once said in an interview that celebrities such Khaligraph Jones, Harmonize, and Shettah were in Anerlisa’s DMs.

"He said, "There are so many artists who DM her. I’ve seen Shettah, Harmonize, and Khaligraph, and these are verified accounts. But I am not surprised anyway, she is a gorgeous girl."

But Ben Pol came out to say that his remarks were blown out of proportion and there’s no bad blood with the said artistes.

“Ile story ilikuwa exaggerated sana. Kwa kweli niliona majina yao lakini sikuisema kama kitu kibaya wala sikuisema kama nimekasirika kwa sababu to be honest hakuna maneno mabaya yalikuwa yameandikwa. Kama kungekuwa na kitu kibaya kimeandikwa ningewatafuta personally.

DM sio kitu kibaya jamani. So haikuwa story mbaya na sikuwa na shida na mtu niliisema tu kikawaida na hakukuwa na mpango wowote. Washikaji wasiskie vibaya mimi kusema vile. Sina matatizo nao at all at all, it’s all about love,”  said Ben Pol.

Now, Anerlisa who is in Tanzania addressed this saying.

"You know, Harmonize is my friend and I do chat with many friends of mine who are also artistes in the DM. But there is none who has ever propositioned me to the point we got into a relationship. All of them it is about business nothing else even Ommy Dimpoz."

Adding, "First of all Ommy Dimpoz is the best friend of my neighbour, Joho. Harmonize wanted to be an ambassador of my water brand and Harmonize is a big artiste so why not. Harmonize is a very private person. I would not like to talk about that."

She continued, "Ali Kiba is my friend for long even before Ben Pol. I have known him for a long time. Comeone Ali Kiba is a married man."

In the past Anerlisa said that she also gets very crazy proposals on her DM. She put out a warning in public.

"If you go through my DM, you would think I had a contest looking for a partner. It is disgusting to also see people offering to marry me yet you do not even know me personally," Anerlisa said.

She went on to advise young men to stop lusting over her with hopes of making her their sponsor.

"Reality is I am not looking for anybody and I am not free. And to the 80 percent F boys in my DM, try to pull up your socks and start working hard for your money. Looking for independent women to take care of you is really short-term. Women also get tired of taking care of you. If you know, you know."

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