•"Mutura smells funny, tastes dirty but sio mbaya."- Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy and Jalango
Image: Instagram

Morning Kiss host Jalang'o has requested for a mutura date with content creator Murugi Munyi alias Yummy Mummy.

This was after Murugi said mutura tastes like dirt.

Jalang'o now says the date will ensure Murugi gets to sample good mutura which might make her change her mind about the delicacy.

"I need a mutura date with her. If mutura is dirty for yummy mummy what if she ate ojuri? Yummy mummy and you should be in the same Whatsapp group.

If mutura is not your thing it's OK. Whatever tastes good go and eat it."

In the conversation, Kamene said she cannot eat roasted intestines which is a delicacy enjoyed by Kenyans especially during parties.

"When I was in Narok people were eating 'mara' (intestines). I cannot eat that it's so ewe. At least I eat Murenda, Ojuri and Omena. My hormones always take me to Ojuri."

Murugi tasted mutura for the first time last weekend and as much as she enjoyed it, she said it tastes like dirt.

"Mutura smells funny, tastes dirty but sio mbaya.Do you eat mutura?share the best bases to enjoy this delicacy."

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