• Vera says she has not struggled to achieve the slim waist 

Vera Sidika one month after giving birth
Vera Sidika one month after giving birth
Image: courtesy

Socialite Vera Sidika has flaunted her postpartum body a month after giving birth to her first born daughter. 

The snatched waist and defined hips that the mother of one displayed attracted admiration from her fans. 

This, she says, has not been a struggle to achieve. 

"I am not in a rush to bounce back or lose weight. But i said to myself that aft6er birth i would wish to be slimmer than i was before pregnancy, slim thick. No pressure at all but at its own best time, my body will be banging. On God!" Vera Sidika wrote. 

Her hubby, Brown Mauzo also flaunted the body of the new, hot mum in town. 

"Mama Asia's body looking hot just 1 month after CS delivery. Wow, lucky me! Hot mom," Mauzo wrote. 

Vera Sidika has brought change to the narrative that women become less attractive after child birth. 

Before her delivery, many expressed concerns that Vera would lose the flat tummy that she had spent millions to achieve.

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