• Akothee said that the money does not match her expenses.

Singer Akothee
Singer Akothee
Image: Instagram

Singer Akothee says she receives KSh 60,000 only from one of his mzungu baby daddy. 

The man offered the money after a long court battle with the singer who was seeking child support. 

In an Instagram post, Akothee said that the money does not match the expenses she uses on her baby. 

"It has become a business for others, it is a pity, my own baby daddy told the court he can only part with 60,000 a month All-inclusive and he is a Muzungu.

Imagine that's the cost of maintaining one of my pools per month ❤️ so sijui ninyime mtoto wake pool yangu ,ama a swim tu kwasababu pia Mimi ni mzazi 😭 Huku wengine wanaitisha ploti," Akothee penned.

The singer is on record saying that one of her baby daddies does not support her in any manner, but she still respects him.

Akothee has been urging women to learn to take full responsibility for their children when their other partner does not want to offer support. 

Recently, she weighed in on Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe child support drama. 

Akothee advised that Eric Omondi should take responsibility for his son, and if he can not, Jackie should take charge as the mother.

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