Terryanne Chebet is one of the most relatable celebs on the interwebs, that even the people we look up to have lives that closely resemble our own micro-bubbles.

Yesterday, Terryanne did what she does best and regaled her fans and followers online with the moment she really began 'adulting'.

The chocolate-skinned lady reminisced about the day her grandma came all the way from Kericho to visit her after she had given birth.

"2006. My Imani was 2 months old, my late Grandmother came all the way from Kericho to visit, suddenly my name changed from Chebet to Mama Wambui. 🙃Adulting started here, and boy hasn't it been a roller coaster!"

She went on to add that the throwback photo was significant for her as it marked the beginning of a chapter in her life filled with ups and downs. 

"This #tbt🔙📸 carries so much weight for me. So many ups and downs but we continue to take each day with the utmost gratitude. 🙏🏽I can't believe she's in High School! Imani, because I know you'll see this, you're my North Star. 💫 Never forget it. I love you so so much. ❤❤"

In a past interview with Massawe Jappani about her two daughters, Terryanne said that Imani was 15 years while her second-born daughter was four-years-old.

The media veteran added that dealing with Imani wasn't easy and that she had to keep a constant line of communication open with her.

"She is turning 15 years and it is not easy, as the mother you have to keep talking to her. You should make her comfortable to talk to you."

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