This afternoon, Phillip Murgor held a presser on behalf of his clients Cheryl and Stephanie Murgor, Samuel Ramdas and Patrick Koech after the run-in with the Ndichu brothers at Emara Ole Sereni Hotel Nairobi on 17/10/2021.

During his extensive briefing to the media, the lawyer described how one of the Ndichu brothers had tried to reach behind his back during the altercation with the sisters and their male friends.

In his description, Mr. Murgor didn't explicitly state what Paul Ndichu was reaching for behind his back but one could tell that he was drawing a picture he wanted the media to fill for themselves.

He said, "When Paul is over here (in the hotel lobby), he is reaching behind his back, as though he is drawing something. At this moment you will see Patrick literally running away. This is the same man who never run away. You will see him reversing very fast. Stop after he punched him. Look at him reaching behind his back. See this...When I ask the police what is that?"

One of the Ndichu brothers reach for something on his back that police believe is a gun.
One of the Ndichu brothers reach for something on his back that police believe is a gun.

This is where Mr. Murgor ridiculed the incredulous theories the police had come up with when guessing what Paul was reaching for.

The advocate finished, "Someone suggested that he was pulling up his trousers. Do you pull up your trousers when you're fighting? And continue pulling up your trousers yet you're in a fight? From there you can see Patrick literally fleeing for his life. Reversing while looking forward. And these guys are coming menacingly at him. Then they start smashing the car." 

As a reader, what do you think Paul Ndichu was reaching for behind his back?

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