•"Strong women need men. It becomes difficult to date when you are independent."-Zari

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan has revealed it has not been easy for her to date due to the many things going on in her life.

The mother of five says sometimes she spends too much time parenting and running her businesses that she rarely has time for a man.

She however explained that it does not mean she wouldn't want to be loved.

Speaking during an interview with Toke Makinwa on the YouTube channel 'The Hassan's Zari shared, "I have dated a couple of people and sometimes it ended up not working because I am committed to my work and to my kids. I want to prioritize."

She continued, "My kids and businesses need me and I have to decide where to put my energy first and when I do some men assume I am strong and independent and they do not need a man. 

Strong women need men. It becomes difficult to date when you are independent. People assume, 'Ohh 'she is getting old and doesn't need a man'."

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