It's every musician's goal to have their music playing in as many musical spaces as possible, through their artistic merit and talent alone.

But sometimes an artist has to go above and beyond to create buzz and publicity for their song, even chasing clout.

Well for some musicians like Miss P and Lil Nas X, pulling crazy stunts has proven to be a legit marketing strategy for them.

Miss P shocked Kenyans on their Instagram after she came out as pregnant for the president of Comedy Eric Omondi.

This was three weeks ago as we commenced the month of November. Fans were shocked and curious and of course some in doubt.

Fortunately or unfortunately it was all in the cause to put her recent song Baby Shower out there.

Saving the best for last, Montero’s Lil Nas X shocked fans after a stunt he pulled on the Maury show.

The episode premiered on the 18th of November but before that, a trailer was already out. In the episode, Lil Nas X is trying to claim his boyfriend who he had allegedly been with for one and a half months.

The boyfriend had a family on the side that Lil Nas X did not know about. Basically, the boyfriend/ husband was in the middle.

He went by the name Yai. It was a whole drama scene with DNA tests, Lie detector results, proposals, and love confessions. Many thought this was all real till the end of the episode where they wrote,

"The ‘montero’ segment is a collaboration between Lil Nas X and the Maury Show for entertainment purposes. The storyline is loosely based on the music video, ‘That’s what I want’ by lil Nas X.”

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