Willy Paul and Eric Omondi aren't in a good place at the moment as far as their personal and professional relationship is going.

It all started this past weekend when Eric prodded the singer by claiming that Miss P was the real "P".

This was in response to Willy Paul promoting his new musician, Queen P. From there the floodgates opened with Willy asking Eric to respect him and not let guava come in the way.

But as was expected, Eric doesn't back down in any online war nowadays, he responded with his own smear of the "I do" singer.

Check out the back and forth between the entertainers below;

I have a sneaking suspicion that the two are just playing Kenyans. I think that this is a manufactured beef between the two-so that it can help promote the new song that Pozze has been promoting. 

But what do I know...

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