Tanasha Donna was in the news two weeks ago after Risper Faith claimed that the singer had refused to honour her end of the bargain after allegedly undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Tanasha denied the allegation lock stock and barrel, cautioning her fans to beware of fake news. Her denial was vague on whether she was denying having the plastic surgery or whether she denied she hadn't paid for it?

Her ex-manager, David Munyua alias African Castro, with whom Tanasha parted amicably last year has now disclosed that Miss Donna had always wanted to get cosmetic surgery.

Tanasha with African Castro
Image: Courtesy

This revelation came during an interview with Presenter Ali, with Castro saying that Diamond's baby mama had always wanted to do the surgery to improve on her looks.

But Castro said that it was an idea he was against from the get-go but was proud of her for going through it;

“…She’s talented, she has the voice, the looks..ata naona ame-adjust features and I’m proud of that. She always told me she wanted to do that, something I stopped her from doing before but she did it by herself and she’s now looking more glamourous.”

He said that the reason he was against the surgery was that he hadn't done proper research and that he was looking out for her like a big brother;

“Nilikuwa nimemkataza kwasababu sikuwa nimefanya research, yeye ndio akaenda akafanya research yake ndio akaona its more suitable..ile tu ku-look out because people die from this thing.”

Castro however agreed that his former client is looking really glamourous at the moment attributing it to her finding mental peace. 

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