Musician Kevin Bahati has issued a plea to Kenyans to pray for his wife after she was admitted to Komarock Modern Healthcare hospital.

He posted the sad news on his Instagram page, writing,

"Yesterday Was a Long Night for Our Family. My Wife fell Sick and ended up being admitted 😭 Keep @diana_marua in your Prayers 🙏 yesterday."

His post was accompanied by images of his ailing wife as she lay in bed. 

Kenyans in the comment section were supportive of the couple. Some of the comments are below:


We miss your moshene😭


Get well dee😢❤️


Everything will be fine🙌


Healing is your potion Dee! Keep strong ❤️


Quick recovery❤️


Aki wewe Clout 😂😂😂


Get well soon Diana😢😢❤️


Sending good wishes, hugs and love. May she get well soon. 💕

This sad news comes a year after Diana told fans that she was having an issue with swollen painful feet.

At the time, she said it got so bad that she had to spend time at a friend's place as she could not drive home since her feet were too swollen.

She then went on to explain that she had undergone a battery of tests such as kidney functionality, uric acid, and blood pressure., which were inconclusive. 

Fans at the time even told her to go for a Doppler Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Still, when she got tested this evening, the doctors confirmed that she was fine.

We at Mpasho hope that her issue this time is diagnosed and properly dealt with.

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