Cartoon Comedian is one of the biggest female musicians in Kenya. When you see her in a skit, you know it will be a bomb. But when the skit is with her frequent collaborator, Crazy Kennar, you know it will go nuclear!

But I digress. While a majority of comedians let their art and talent speak them, sometimes it is good to remind the fans that there is more to them than their brilliant comedic minds.

Sometimes they need to show the world the beauty they possess, something that Cartoon did yesterday on her Instagram page.

The beautiful dark-skinned lady decided to post an image of herself all dolled up and wearing some figure-hugging booty shorts.

Her fans and followers were amazed by the scintillating photo and said as much. But what really got them talking was her caption.

She wrote, "TAG CELEB UNAONA TUNAEZA MATCHMe na choose ule wa Netflix😂😂😂💔❤️"

Cartoon is off course talking about fellow comedian Eddie Butita who recently became the first Kenyan comic to work for the international streaming company.

She might also take umbrage at the fact that Eddie's relationship to Mammito seems to have hit a bad patch recently. 

Mammito with Butita
Image: Courtesy

As they say, you always miss the shots you don't take. Butita over to you know.

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