• "I ended up with injuries on my hands. Makucha zikavunjika, palms ngumu kama mawe." Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kamene Goro has revealed she has only hand-washed clothes once in her life and she hated the experience.

The Morning Kiss host said she had tried to wash her ex-husband's clothes as their two house-helps were not present only for her to develop blisters.

Sharing her experience during the Morning Kiss with Jalang'o, the bubbly host shared;

"Personally I have never washed clothes with my hands. I do not know those semantics, it's not something I am familiar with.

I was in Arusha with my ex-husband and one of our house help was sick and the other had lost a relative. So I thought of doing the laundry, after all, that was the big deal and we had a washing machine? As I was doing the laundry stima ikapotea."

Like the good wife she was, Kamene decided to wash clothes the old school way (handwashing) only to end up full of regrets.

"It's something I am never going to do again. You start off you are standing, kidogo unainama, unajipata umeketi.

Then unapata you have to rinse like a million times. I do not know what those jeans are made of, I would spend almost 45 minutes rinsing one pair of jeans. I ended up with injuries on my hands. Makucha zikavunjika,palms ngumu kama mawe."

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