•"Everything I had in that office I had been gifted by Caroline Mutoko. They only left me with one chair."- Jalango

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Jalang'o has shared how he was once auctioned living him high and dry. He was given a job only for him to be paid months later after auctioneers had already taken everything including his car.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Jalas shared

"I got a job from Arena media. I went and got cash from a lender to do the job. The client was happy but he kept telling me he would pay me after a week or two.

One week turned into two weeks and then into 5 months.

I used to pay people using my salary. That was around 2011. The auctioneers took everything

Everything I had in that office I had been gifted by Caroline Mutoko.

They only left me with one chair."

Jalang'o said that he was paid after the damage had already been done.

"After four months they called me back. I had paid back the loan they paid me the money they owed me. The auctioneers had taken even my car.

When I got paid I first took 2K from my account to confirm the money was in my account. 

I went to the tile and carpet centre and got office furniture. I then went to Ngong road and got myself a new Mercedes Benz a hot KBG."

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