The Ndichu brothers were accused of assaulting two sisters and were to be charged with assault and malicious property damage.

This followed a directive by the Office of Directorate of Public Prosecution that the twins Edward Ndichu and Paul Ndichu be charged with the offenses.

This is after the two sisters Stephanie, 24, and Cheryl Murgor, 22, accused them of the incident that took place on October 17 at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel.

What is interesting is how this news has been taken on the streets of Twitter. A hashtag called #TheNdichusCharged soon emerged. Some of those tweets are below;

But what was particularly interesting about the trend was that another sprang forth from it called, #murgorsisterscharged.

The new trend has also gained traction, even dwarfing the original trend of  #TheNdichusCharged. Check out some of the tweets below;

A proxy war is clearly going on on Twitter and shows that the ensuing court case(s) between the two families that come from immense wealth will not be a pretty one.

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