It is safe to assume that Former Machakos Governor First Lady, Ms. Lilian Ng’ang’a, has been written about more times this year than the last 7 years combined.

I say 7 cause she became a fixture in the Kenyan media landscape after her partner, Alfred Mutua became the first governor of Machakos.

The reason for her increased popularity is the toxic split she had from her ex Alfred and her moving on quickly to musician Juliani.

So what's going on with the former air hostess today? Well, Lillian looks like she has been around the climes of Kisumu, that's if you believe the speculation by many Kenyans online.

While many have focused on the fact that she and Juliani might be in the same location at the moment, others were more concerned with the state of Lillian's body.

One just had to read the comments after she posted a photo of herself 2 days ago. Most complimented her on the fact that she was glowing.

Meanwhile, a few others noted that Lillian looked much skinnier than before, with some wondering whether the stress of recent events was responsible.

Some of those comments are below:

Karibu ukonde😁🙊

Kimosa nakyo,??? umeisha enda ukalime waruuu

Na mbona umekonda hivi 😢

Umekonda aki babez😢

And quite some weight loss there.

Kwani hukuli?

Haki sweety umeloose weight.

Is it the outfit, angles ama you've lost weight?

Kukonda nayo.

Jaber😍 usikonde hivyo please...

Na umekonda siku hizi

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