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Kiss FM presenter Jalang'o has reacted to the fact that President Uhuru Kenyata signed the law of succession (Amendment) Bill into law.

This law locks out mpango wa kandos from inheriting a dead lover's estate.

On the morning Kiss, Jalas said,

"Baby girl kama wewe ni mpango wa kando, baby mama ama official side chic. Your official is not official and you have no right to nothing unless you have proof of marriage," Kamene reacted to the news.

"If you can prove he has maintained you for the last 2 years then you can inherit his stuff." He said

Echoing his co-host's sentiments Jalas said; There must be an agreement and a contract written by a lawyer about your relationship. If there's no proof of marriage you might end up losing everything.

What you need to do is exit now.

Jalas went ahead and gave mpango wa kandos a few tips on how to avoid drama in case their sponyo dies.

He says this should be their wake up call and ensure they secure their bags 'because even without this law they will find it very rough even if they show up at the mandem burial with photos and all."

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