Diamond Platnumz has been down south visiting his first baby mama (that we know of) Zari and the two kids that they share together.

The King of Tanzanian music has enjoyed his time there and has really been putting his time in as Daddy dearest for his daughter Tiffah and son Nillan.

Yesterday, the singer was seen playing with his favourite child, Tiffah (Yes, I said it!). Maybe the reason for that fact is that she is the only daughter he has among his four kids.

The African Beauty singer was captured on video playing with Princess Tiffah with the two looking like they were having the time of their lives in a video that was posted on her Instagram page.

And that wasn't the only video of the two chilling. In another, Diamond can be seen lying on the carpet as his daughter cutely plays on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Later on in the video, they then exchange roles with Diamond now listening to his own daughter's heartbeat. So cute!

Chibu wasn't yet serenading his daughter with his father's love. The musician posted an image of himself with Tiffah on his Instagram stories. When I say, favourite, I ain't lying! 

Diamond Platnumz holding Tiffah
Image: Courtesy

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