Tiktoker SueSuz1 on a yacht
Tiktoker SueSuz1 on a yacht

A Tiktoker identified as Suesuz1 has narrated how her vacay to Mombasa cost her an arm and a leg in a hilarious video.

In the video Sue who is dressed for a cruise on a yacht explains, "For real earth is hard."

Adding with a lot of amusement in her voice, "Do you believe that boat riding for 30 minutes goes for Ksh 3500. And at that point, you have bargained down from Ksh 4,000. We actually sat down to bargain and get that price."

That was not all, Sue lamented some more.

"At that price, you can pay for three people to go to Busia. Imagine that."

Check out the video below

Anyhow, that 30 minutes ride saw Sue shoot over 6 videos for her TikTok fans.

Here are some reactions to the video by some of her followers who also seem to hold the same worldview.

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