I don't think there is a pregnancy we the media have covered more than that of Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo. 

The two made it a point of their existence in 2021 to make sure everyone knew every minute detail of the ongoings in Vera's womb.

And while some might have hoped for some respite from the 'oversharing' after the birth, the socialite had other plans.

Since the birth of their daughter, Asia Brown, the couple hasn't gone underground and is still posting heavily about their daily lives.

One thing that Vera and Brown have kept from the public glare is the face of the baby girl, something that many celebrity couples often do. But I digress.

Yesterday, Vera decided to share an intimate snapshot of herself singing "You Are My Sunshine" to her baby girl.

While she might not be the most gifted singer, the emotion and joy in her voice really carried the song. 

Check out the beautiful video below;

Vera and Brown's daughter, Asia, broke a 6-year record when she was born last month. The baby broke Diamond and Zari's daughter, Tiffah Dangote's record for the most-followed baby on Instagram after one day.

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