Steve Opondo alias Mtumba guy has opened up on how tough his life was growing up after his mother chose his step-dad over him.

Maua was told by his grandmother not to say he was his mother's son so that he did not spoil her young marriage.

Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the man famously known for 'ngara mpaka waseme umepata mbaba' slang shared,

"My grandmother told me that when I got to the place my mum was married to I should lie I am her brother. This is because she was living with someone else.

When I started living with my mum and her new husband my sister ended up calling me uncle so that the stepdad would not find out my mum had a son. My mum would call me bro."

Opondo who was born in Gem Dudi to a prison police officer dad said life became hard after he passed on.

"In our culture, there is wife inheritance and my mum was against it. Life became unbearable for us and at some point, my mum managed to run away with my sister.

I started leaving with relatives where I would be overworked and I was underfed. I would constantly be beaten and told I was bringing nothing to that house yet my mother was busy being a prostitute in Mombasa.

The step-dad was very violent, his relationship with my mum was shaky."

Opondo says now that he is all grown up he understands all the things his mum had to go through for them.

The only thing he wishes is that she never dated the step-dad.

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