Daddy Owen
Image: Instagram

Daddy Owen has opened up about a time he got information that brought his world crashing down.

"A time like this, last year, I got a revelation.. a revelation that changed my life forever! It was the beginning of an emotional roller coaster, something that messed up my mind," the gospel star spilled on his Instagram.

"Looking back it's something I still can't explain, all I know is it was the beginning of something special.. as well, in the span of 1 year I have achieved a lot!

I have touched and transformed lives through my humanitarian work and the greatest being building a Children's home for kids born with disabilities.

And another major milestone has been going back to the studio and coming up with an album and launching it!"

Daddy Owen narrated the journey he underwent doubting his abilities as a man, "Throughout the whole year, I have been an emotional wreck! Living alone made it harder! Making me ask myself so many questions! Like, am I a man enough? Am I poor or rich? Is all that necessary?"

He continued, "The situation made me buy expensive unnecessary things just to prove to myself that I can! The situation made me travel far and book in hotels just to prove that I can!

The mental mess made me flirt with people just to prove that am still a man!!... yes a man!!! Am I proud of it? NO! I felt terrible and horrible, and anything about me flirting or anything of that sort came from me being affected emotionally... had self-doubts about myself!"

The gospel star opened up about his healing journey and how he made amends.

"Did I apologise to the people concerned? YES! Did I Repent and ask GOD for forgiveness? YES! Did I cross the line?? Did I eat the fruit? (I know so many of you just want to know that part..)

NO! I did not eat any apples.. I am still using android! Am I a saint? Am I holier than thou? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Does it mean am strong? NO!

I believe am just guided and protected by the HOLY SPIRIT! Ofcos sin would want to pull you away but the more I pray and stay in the WORD the more the HOLY SPIRIT fights my battles. Are u dating?  Are u planning to date soon? NO! Why?

I think such an emotional mess makes people carry a lot in their hearts and that's dangerous to the next partner who might be innocent. By the way, vulnerability is my strength. I am not saint but a man.. not just a man.. but a MAN OF GOD! Are you planning to remove your ring?????"

His fans, fellow artistes and friends commented about his bold confession. Check out some of their reactions.

djmokenya: Deep deep

sophy_valene: Wow!! So much honesty in hereπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

marion.tammu: You're a living testimony!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ 

duchessofmosocho: You only need to change year with month, and erase flirting because I haven't had much time to even think about it,.......and this story will be about me.....the pain, confusion and the questions I've asked God😒. I've equally repented for questioning God πŸ™. Hang in their bro😍

wazza_kobie: πŸ”₯❀️wow thank you for saying it at least you have talked to someone who was in the same situation be blessed Owen

katemutiso: God restores, He renews, He replenishes, He readjusts, He is God. Nice piece. 😊😊

basildepolite: Be strong daddy,u have been inspirational in your journey, you have really touched hearts and brought back hope to many who face challenges in their relationships. Tomorrow there shall be light at the end of the tunnel again.

bfictmadn: Here's what it is..... There's nothing more uplifting than realizing you've done what wasn't right and correcting it and asking for forgiveness.

gynnot: I've never been emotional this touchy battles are fought in silence.

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