"I invest in the Real estate, the transport business and I am in the music business."-Krg the Don

KRG the Don
KRG the Don
Image: Instagram

Kenya rapper KRG the Don has revealed that he usually spends Ksh 100,000 per day. This he says is used on things such as buying fuel and lunch. He explained that he would not tone down anytime soon as life is for the living.

Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the rapper said,

"In a day I spend 100K. I am not your average Kenyan.

I spend my time wisely. There are people who just sit somewhere kuchapa story and they do not earn anything.

I invest and by the end of the day, I earn my millions. I am all over social media, there is nothing I would do and people won't find out. I invest in the real estate, transport business and I am in the music business.

I have also planted trees, I have also partnered with different brands.

Because some people are lazy they assume some things cannot be achieved. You cannot run a big business with small capital.

Money is meant to be spent."

How much do you spend in a day?

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