For those of you keeping tabs at the moment, musician Akothee has been in hospital this past week. Her lover Nelly Oaks has penned a loving message for the mother of 5 going as far as to call her an angel.

The lovely message is below:

"This is one woman who has always been there for everyone and everybody, she goes all out and stops at nothing to try make the world a better place. Anytime I see her down, I know it's that time her energy is worn out. Let's all learn to appreciate Esther Akoth Kokeyo. If you haven't met Esther, you haven't met an Angel yet. Let's all appreciate and thank God for bringing Esther into our lives. I love you Esther @akotheekenya."

Akothee has had a history of getting health problems associated with her laborious and relentless work ethic that has no stop button.

That means she is susceptible to get fatigue, which she has battled severally in the past. The past few months, the singer has been busy performing and carrying out activities associated with her foundation.

A few days ago Akothee released a video showing a nurse putting a drip in her hand as she lay on a hospital bed. Check it out below:

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