Eddie Butita celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday. The day was a glorious one for the comedian who has had arguably his best year ever.

Celebs like KRG the Don and Mungai Eve were in attendance with the rapper gifting the comic a cool Ksh 110k!

But while that might have stolen the show, many were asking about his girlfriend, Mammito and what loving gesture she was doing for the man in her life?

The two have been dating for at least 2 years and went public with that information last year. So did Mammito wish her man a happy birthday on her socials? 

Nope? But why was that? In an interview with BTG News, the birthday boy was asked by Mungai Eve why she had only seen birthday wishes from other people but not from the all-important Mammito?

Mammito with Butita
Image: Courtesy

The comedian said, "The last time I checked I only had control of my own social media page, so I can control what I can post on my page. Anything that happens on other pages, I can't control. I think you can contact her and ask her where she is and why she hasn't posted yet?"


"I don't know how she handles her social media. You know that she is a big artiste, she has like 40 people who handle her Instagram, so pengine wamesahau...pengine amesahau."

One could sense that his answer had raised some uncomfortable questions among the assembled guests as to what might be going on between the couple?

The deft Mungai Eve saw that and decided to quickly change the subject. 

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