Eddie Butita had a lovely 29th birthday yesterday with guests such as KRG the Don and Mungai Eve being present to celebrate and serenade him.

Despite it being his birthday, the comedian was kind enough to respond to questions Mungai Eve had for him. 

One of those questions was why he had failed to attend Eric Omondi's dramatic street protest the day before?

His first answer was a testament to his over-active and funny mind imagination. He said, "Nilitoka vizuri nikapata puncture hapo Valley Road. I then tried to fix the issue but when I bent down, I found that there was a snake beneath the car. So I started killing it which took me a lot of time."


"By the time I was done killing the snake, I saw that Eric had already been arrested by the police. But honestly, I was at a shoot, that's the reason I wasn't able to get there. I even have the proof." 

But despite his joshing, Butita had some words for his fellow artistes in the entertainment industry;

"If only artistes took it seriously, what would be in the news today because Eric is doing these things as a joke but people still aren't seeing the real issue. The real issue is that Kenyan media should be playing 75% Kenyan local content. We as artistes should have come out and protested. By the way, I am also talking about myself."

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