Esther Musila had some wonderful things to say about her fiance, Guardian Angel, during the launch of the singer's new album, this past weekend.

She noted that there are issues that her children are free to share with Guardian Angel and not their mother Esther Musila. 

She further added that the good relationship between the singer and her children has made her appreciate him more. 

At the event, Guardian Angel thanked Esther for taking his music career to greater heights. He acknowledged that since finding Esther, he has never lacked a thing and his music empire has grown bigger.

What is fascinating about their glowing praise of each other is that they might not have gotten to see these qualities in each other if they had listened to critics.

Their love story so far has taught me a few lessons that I think we can follow in our own lives. They are;

1. Listen to what your critics say but make sure you do what is best for you

Guardian was warned against dating the older Musila because of her age, with the critics saying that she wouldn't be able to give him kids.

He stuck it out and the two are having a great time at the moment. In fact, it seems that his professional and personal life has gained from his relationship with Musila.

Simply put-Your life is your own, everyone else is background noise. 

2. Take risks

Esther took a huge risk dating Guardian Angel. Not only did it open her up to public scrutiny but she also took the risk of being ridiculed for being a sugar mummy, something that is never easy to deal with.

But Musila showed that she doesn't have a brittle spirit, and went pedal to the metal for the 'unpopular' relationship. 

Musila has now become an inspiration to many other women who might want to date younger men as she has shown that a pairing like this can work.

3. Just because it failed for someone else doesn't mean it has to fail for you

Many times in life we avoid doing things in life because we have seen other people fail in that area we wanted to pursue.

But while that might be a great way to avoid failing, you miss all the shots you don't take.

4. Sometimes the best relationships are the ones that look like terrible pairings from the outset

Get out of your comfort zone as far as the people you date go. Maybe that short guy might be the man who fulfills your happily ever after. 

Simply put, give that man/woman you don't fancy initially a chance. They might actually blow your mind to become the 'love of your life'.

5. When you make a decision to do something big, go all in

Musila and Guardian Angel have gone all-in on their relationship, making sure that they give their best to it.

This can be seen in how they spend their time becoming each other's literal shadow, spending time supporting each other, online and offline.

In essence, they aren't afraid to fail while betting it all, unlike people who do relationships like with one foot out the door.

But what do I know...

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