Habits Kenyans shouldn't move with to 2022

•If your man cheats it’s not the other woman’s fault it is your man you should be reprimanding.

Pastor Nganga
Pastor Nganga

2021 came with its fair share of lessons, some were good but some left us with a bitter taste in our mouth.

As we almost come to the end of the year below are major habits that Kenyans should leave behind

Fighting over a man/woman

Imagine there are people who still engage in physical fights over a man/woman in 2021.

That is so outdated and it has led to very many homicides. As the year ends Kenyans should normalize taking no for an answer.

It’s not a must for the person you love to love you back.

And that does not mean that you are a bad person.

Abusing the other woman

Before you send that abusive text or call someone to call them names remember you can be sued.

If your man cheats it’s not the other woman’s fault it is your man you should be reprimanding.

Remember that once a cheat always a cheat.

Performing wifely duties when you are just a girlfriend

Siz, 2021 is the year you put to rest the nonsense of wanting to impress your man by performing wifely duties while you are just a girlfriend.

If he has dirty clothes let him call mama wa kufua, if he wants to eat githeri let him boil it himself or let him buy from the woman who boils the same in the estate.

You have never even lit a jiko for your mum and you are here trying to impress someone who won't even marry you.

Wearing clothes that don’t fit

Truth be told some of us can’t wear some type of clothes due to our body types.

But there is a section of women who want to fit in clothes smaller than they are, this makes them end up looking like an overfed millipedes.

If you want to wear clothes of a smaller size work out and shed that extra weight.

Lying about your marital status

Kenyan men are notorious for this.

Most will even lie about how bad, ugly and dirty their wives are only for you to mee the said wives heavily pregnant.

And it makes you wonder when the rain started beating you.

In 2022 if you are married just say you are, if a woman is interested in you she will decide whether to date you or not.

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