6 most prominent socialites in Africa

• These ladies earn from being influencers, making appearances during events and selling their own products.

Image: Instagram

A few years ago being a socialite was unheard of. It was taboo for a woman to pose in lingerie or nearly nude on social media.

But due to modernization, being a socialite has become acceptable. Below are some of the most famous socialites in Africa.

These ladies earn from being influencers, making appearances during events and selling their own products.

Vera Sidika

Vera first came to prominence after featuring as a video vixen in the song ‘You Guy’ by P-Unit.

What caught the attention of many was her big derriere. With time, Vera took advantage of that and went HAM on social media.

She is now among the most followed Kenyans online.

She recently became a mum and that might make her tone down a bit as she might not want to portray a bad image now that she is a mum.

Truth be told, she is a force to reckon with.

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Hudddah Monroe

Don’t we all love how calm and collected Huddah is? Like a flower, Huddah has blossomed to become a very famous socialite.

She took advantage of that and launched a lipstick line and other beauty products under the name ‘Huddah Cosmetics’.

Most of her fans love her for the fact that she is rarely involved in drama. Unlike her counterpart Vera, Huddah also keeps her relationships very private.

Most of the time her fans are always left guessing who warms her bed. Having grown up watching her parents abuse each other, Huddah says she is not keen on marriage.

Huddah Monroe
Image: Instagram


Eudoxie is a famous model currently dating Guinean artiste Grand P while she is from Cote D'Ivoire.

The couple is always in the news due to the tremendous physical differences between the couple.

While Grand P is very tiny, Eudoxie is very well endowed and many wonder how they have managed to date for all this time.

Grand P was born with a rare genetic disease called progeria, which causes premature aging that starts at birth. The condition limits a person's height to barely two feet and a certain weight.

Grand P and his bae Eudoxie yao
Image: Instagram

Risper Faith

Risper became famous after landing an acting role in the show ‘Nairobi Diaries'. Before then not much was known about her.

So serious was she about maintaining her looks that she went under the knife to go through liposuction after she delivered her son.

The good thing for her is that her husband is the one who paid for her surgery so she has nothing much to worry about.

She now sells beauty products under the line ‘Risper Faith’.

Risper Faith
Image: Instagram

Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle was a popular contestant at the Next Movie Star Africa competition.

While she did not win the competition, the fame from the show catapulted her to celebrity status. Since then, she has taken roles in different movies, in and out of Ghana

She was in 2019 rumoured to be dating Burna Boy.

Princess Syngle
Image: Instagram


Sanchoka, whose real name is Janeikunda Evarist Rimoy brands herself as a model, actress, businesswoman, CEO, brand ambassador, host, social and media personality, designer and socialite.

She is former Miss Bantu Kilimanjaro 2010 and Northern Zone and also the “Special World Bantu Envoy” by the “Union Of All Bantu Peoples Of Africa”.

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