Former First Lady of Machakos County Lillian Ng’ang’a had a wide-ranging interview with the Sunday Nation where she opened up about her relationship with Juliani.

In her second public interview ever, Lillian explained that she had met him mid this year, disclosing what had drawn her to the rapper saying;

"I like to call myself a thinker but when I met Juliani, it was like I had found the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. His values and mine aligned. Just the way he looks at life, what he values, what is important to him are the same things that are important to me. For me, that is very rare. Then now getting to know him at a personal level has confirmed to me that he is a very good person."


"I call myself God’s masterpiece and it also happens that his album is similarly titled. I think you need to listen to his songs from back in the day. He has only become better and that is what attracted me to him."

She also defended her decision to date the rapper saying;

"It is very unfortunate to see people say unpleasant things about me and Juliani thinking it was a wrong choice for me. Who decides? What do you mean by a wrong choice? I am a better person with him than I was. I wake up with Juliani and tell him ‘Darling, I thank God for a new day with you. I have seen guys (sic) attacking him in a certain way just because he is an artiste, trying to compare him with Alfred (Governor Mutua) who has been in government for years. They are forgetting the reason they know Juliani is because he is a brand on his own. He has made his name on his own."

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