Eddie Butita made history when he became the first Kenyan comedian to work for Netflix on the Swahili adaptation of ‘The Upshaws’, which wrote and directed.

In a recent interview with Radio Maisha, the comedian shocked many when he hinted at the amount of money he had been paid while working for the company.

While he didn't give an exact amount, Eddie boasted that he had been paid more than the Ksh 13 million figure that has been floating around online. 

“Nilishtuka sana nikasema dah, nani anaekelea pesa kidogo ivi kwa internet, naeza ata nikafungwa wakiona ninataja pesa kidogo ivo kwa internet, yaani ata wanaeza shtuka sana waseme huyu kijana kwanini anaharibia kampuni jina,” said the comedy writer.

The reason he couldn't reveal the amount he was paid was because of a non-disclosure agreement he signed with Netflix that bars him from discussing the terms of his payment.

“Kulingana na mkataba sikuruhusiwa kutaja mambo mbili tatu kuhusu mshahara, lakini naeza sema nilipona kimaisha," he said.

He went on to joke that he might not have to work again until October 2029.

"Hii ni pesa ambayo nafikiria mimi nitarudi kazi 2029 apo October, it made me appreciate the value of content. For the first time nilitengeneza pesa ya content pure ambayo kimaisha yangu, ilinishtua,”

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