How Bien's mum inspired his song about being 'topless'

Bien Aime with his mum Grace Baraza
Bien Aime with his mum Grace Baraza

Leader of the Bald Men movement and Sauti Sol band singer Bien Aime Baraza raised many eyebrows when he announced his next music project will be titled, ‘Alusa why are you topless?'

This was announced today at the launch of his Bald Man Better EP

Bien added that the title of the project was inspired by his mother.

“When we did [the song] Nishike, I got a call from my mom and she said Alusa, why are you topless? And I decided to pick that up and make an album. It's a lot of pop music too.”

Bien also mentioned that he had three other projects with the popular singer Bensoul of the song Niombee.

“Bensoul and I have three projects, the first one is called ‘its high time’ and it has 6 songs,” Bien said, “The second one is called ‘Its high time again’ and it has 6 songs as well.”

He continued, “The last one is called ‘The long weekend’ because I was born on a Monday and Bensoul was born on a Friday. So Bensoul and I are a long weekend.”

He also mentioned that he had a song with the popular Sol Generation signee Nviiri the storyteller, famed for the song Kitenge.

Their collabo is titled Ladies Conference, Bien explains, "This is for women who like singing RnB songs like Niko Sawa. There’s a lot of beautiful things coming up and now the Sauti Sol album is going to be up.”

He also said that together with legendary pianist Aaron Rimbui, fans could be getting a follow-up album dubbed Bald Men Love Better 2.

All we have to do is sit back and enjoy the new hits Sauti Sol have in store for us because it seems like it's going to be bigger and better.

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