Kenyans brutally troll Sam Ogina after Eric Omondi allegation

In case you have been living under a rock then you will most likely know that the beef between Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe blew up last night.

Sadly, one person has been dragged into the ugly affair is political affairs journalist, Sam Ogina.  who was mentioned by Eric in his controversial post last night.

In his post, Eric claimed that he had slept with Jacque at a time when she was still dating Sam. Mr. Ogina meanwhile didn't take the news lying down and refuted the allegation saying that at the time his eyes were only for his lovely wife, Njeri.

Sam would go on to warn Eric that he would be coming for him after the crazy allegation. After all this drama, Kenyans on Twitter as is their norm made Sam Ogina the top trending subject on that social media platform.

Check out some of the posts from netizens below:

Sam Ogina's marriage on the rocks after Eric Omondi pulls a childish move... Eric huwa immature sana.. Children with fame and money....

9 years later, Sam Ogina will learn from Eric Omondi's Instagram post that Jacque Maribe cheated on him with Eric Omondi. Haha

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