Rapper Majirani has revealed that he quit music and relocated to Poland where he got a scholarship and a job as a construction worker.

"You guys know me and what happened to my football club and how I went broke. I will tell you this, I experienced a lot during that time from the mockery and rejection. I lost so many friends because no one cares whether you were a big celebrity before or still are, the most important thing is I never lost myself," Majirani explained.

He continued, "I'm still not happy though...I had to pay over Ksh 300,000 to get my papers done and move to Poland. I joined the school and I work as a construction worker as I balance both.

Life here is better than home because no one knows my brand here and no one looks down on me it makes me feel more comfortable than working in Kenya."

Majirani is studying cyber security. He shared with Mpasho a short clip of his work as a construction worker building a house for one of his clients.

Here are some reactions from his fans.

youngdnn__: Kwani doba haikua mboka sare ati poland tho mboka lazima 4 survival i see😮😂😂 

john_junior_erum: Mboka ni mboka. Kazi ya construction majuu iko na pesa hata kuliko hizo za muziki. Hapo minimum per day ni $200. Do your masematics just 15days of working umekafunga kama MCA pale mtaani. Pesa haina harufu ya mjengo ama kuosha choo.

muthoni_mbai: Proudly proud of him🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

vjace_kenya: 👏👏👏👏 ako tu sawa. Mwisho ya siku anaingiza hela zake

odochm4: Never shame a man for trying to earn a living, He choose to do it legit

_msee.wa.mayai: Life ni bure survival lazima

djskold: Inafaa tutafute them passports 

jaykens_arsenalchief254: Kushinda wale wa nduthi wakisnatch simu za watu...

vieanister: Work bro no one will feed u when you go hungry. People start from somewhere as they continue chasing their dream kudos.

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